The Pundesliga presents: #BundesligaMusic

  1. When it comes to Streiching the right chord, there has been no better time to let the bass Klopp than with #BundesligaMusic. Taking its inspiration from Niklas Wildhagen’s piece on Bundesliga stars singing…

  2. #BundesligaMusic: Hits better forgotten – Bundesliga stars singing | Bundesliga Fanatic… via @bundesliga4u
  3. Friday afternoon fast became a challenge to devise musical references related to the Bundesliga. After chugging along contently for an hour or two, it reached fever pitch when Ingolstadt right back, Ralph Gunesch started chipping in with his suggestions, such as…

  4. Such is the high standard, Gunesch hasn’t made the list of #BundesligaMusic’s greatest hits (though the cruel among you may point out that this will be a familiar feeling seeing as he plays for a side in the 2. Bundesliga.)

    But enough – leave your suspicious Mainz behind. Heck, even stick this on if it gets you in the mood…

    It’s time to go through 40 of #BundesligaMusic’s Greatest Hits. Points were awarded for innovation, not just going for the likes of Jürgen Klopp and Joachim Löw…oh go on then – here’s a few of those..

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