The Bundesliga Show Episode 70 – Matchday 2 and the International Break

Back for another packed Bundesliga Show is Matt Hermann and Jon Hartley. In this weeks episode, all the best and the worst from matchday 2, and ask the question ‘which teams are and aren’t looking forward to the international break?’.

Also in the show, a chat about the up-coming matches for the German national team…and as always Terry Duffelen round up all the action from the 2.Bundesliga

Enjoy the show!

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  • kaz
    September 7, 2012 - 5:20 pm | Permalink

    Very interesting show and discussion. I personally believe that Schweinsteiger will definitely retain his starting spot in the national team. Firstly, we have seen Schweinsteiger slowly go from being one of the national teams young prospects to becoming one of the leaders and most solid players in the squad. Sure he may have not had the best season or Euro Cup but then again who wouldn’t with the injury problems he had? We all saw how well Bayern were playing before he was injured and what happened afterwards, so there is no doubt about his influence on the field, which from what I’ve seen, is equally important for Germany. I’m quite sure that once he regains his fitness back he will without a doubt be starting for Germany, if he already doesn’t against Faroe Islands, and i don’t see him losing that spot in any way. This is also considering the fact that he has already shown glimpses of being back in form for Bayern, with his strong performance against stuttgart, which was capped off by a great goal.

    Considering that Bastian is arguably Germany’s best midfielder, combined with his returning form and fitness, I believe the battle will actually take place for the second holding midfield spot, where in my opinion, Kroos can definitely challenge Khedira for the starting spot. We have also seen Kroos rise to the occasion for Bayern in the last few seasons, becoming a very key player for them and this could actually result in him getting much more playing time in the national team. This of course depends not only on the overall quality of kroos and khedira, but also on Low’s tactics. Does he want to start with kroos where schweinsteiger would most likely have to be the more defensive of the two, or would he rather have Khedira work a strong defensive partnership with Bastian, where the latter would be organizing the attack more often instead?

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